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In virtually every culture throughout history, drums have been used to forge bonds between friends and strangers, simply because they resonate on a fundamentally human level, breaking through barriers of age, gender, race, cultural background or personal hang-ups.

Now, in a time when our sense of connection and community is increasingly being replaced by circuits and screens, hand-drumming is making a serious comeback!
Ripple Rhythm is thrilled to be a part of this rhythmic resurgence, and is dedicated to spreading the transformative joys of group freestyle percussion to all kinds of people through fun, interactive rhythm-based programs, performances, lessons and more.
Whether it’s for company team-building, school programs or assemblies, community groups, condos well-being, parties, or purely for funRipple Rhythm is flexible enough to meet your needs, small or large. 

There Are No Rules!

Drum Circle 101 Playshop Graduates
Ripple Rhythm specializes in Group Freestyle Drumming (also known
as drum circle drumming) - a style that encourages people to explore, combine and express their own unique musical backgrounds.

It’s extremely accessible, dynamic and fun, and not restricted to any one genre, tradition, instrument or technique.

What sounds right, IS right.

Feeling freer, funner, healthier, and more connected – to the people around you and to the heartbeat of the world – that’s what Ripple Rhythm wants to share with you.

647 709 7437 or RippleRhythm@gmail.com
I just wanted to send along a HUGE thank you for the drumming circle class that was held tonight. The teacher was absolutely amazing… he is a natural born teacher.  I am a teacher consultant with the Toronto District school board and I teach teachers...so I really wanted to send my kudos along to him...it was awesome and I want to hear about it if it is ever happening again!!!
Thanks again,

-Joanne Sleightholm

One of the reasons that Toronto has such a strong rhythmaculture community is because of Tim Gentle's support, encouragement and his abilities to coordinate across diverse cultures and populations.

Tim shares his spirit with an open heart and shares his passion for rhythm in such a way as to make it fun and accessible to any one who comes within the sound of his drum circles.

-Arthur Hull
(father of the modern day community drum circle movement)
The drum circle was great fun! You are very inspiring!

I thoroughly enjoyed your drum workshop. You did a terrific job of finding fun ways of zipping and zapping through our initial social shyness and fears. Your particular brand of theatricality in the role of leader worked as a catalyst and helped to inspire us to break out of our own mental straitjackets.
I appreciate the generosity of spirit that went into making this event accessible for those of us in need of this healing gift.  
-Marta Owen

You are kinduv fantastic. Tonight was awesome. I went to drum circle just for fun... And it turned out to be the most healing experience. People like you are what make the city, and society in general, more real. More livable. More free.

Monday, October 24, 2022


Contact Tim at ripplerhythm@gmail.com


I've always been passionate about music, and have played many different instruments in all kinds of bands, from piano and trombone in highschool, to Taiko drumming in Japan, to Brazilian Samba parade bands and here in Toronto, but when I found the Trinity-Bellwoods drum circle in the summer of 2002, everything changed:  there was no music to read, no conductor, no distinction between audience and participant - just drummers adding layers on whatever was happening. 

The music was incredibly organic, dynamic, powerful and palpable, and I found it fulfilled a primal need that had long been ignored. I went religiously each week after that, and as the group grew from dozens to hundreds in the following years I took on a coordinator role, mediating between the participants and the city and neighbourhood we played in to help arrange permits for the event.

It was through this position that I became aware of Drum Circle Facilitators who actually made a living sharing the joys and benefits of group drumming with other groups - playshops for schools, team-building events for companies or community groups, or therapy for seniors or at-risk youth.

The work is incredibly rewarding - shy people open up, angry people turn gracious, kids accidentally learn math, and rivals discover common ground. Drumming truly is the greatest (and oldest) way to bring different people together and have fun. I even met my wife at the drum circle. I am forever grateful for all that it's has taught me - to listen more than you play, to go with the flow and to not be afraid to try new things. Most of all: work hard at what you love and develop your talents.

Dive in and let'er rip - the sky's the limit!


Scotiabank, Team-building Toronto
ScotiaPalooza, Call and response performance, bucket drumming show with top executives, KoolHaus
Jameson's Whiskey, Performance for Bartenders Ball, Drake Hotel, Toronto (2014)
Toronto Teachers' Pension Plan, Toronto
10 Minute All-Ages Drum Circle Playshops on Toronto Island
10 Minute All-Ages Drum Circle Playshops, Toronto Harbourfront Centre
Muhtadi International Drumming Festival, Toronto (2013-14)
Somos Percusion Playshops Medellin, Colombia 
Sistering.org Women's Shelter, therapeutic drumming
energi PR, Toronto
Renni Clinic
McNally House Hospice (Therapeutic drum training for staff, volunteers and clients)
Upper Canada Chorus (Team building, Classes & Rehearsal, Performance), GTA
Drum Circle 101 at Long & McQuade, Toronto

Long & McQuade Music Academy, North York
Lululemon Atheltica Team-building, (Queen & Spadina) Toronto
Lululemon Athletica Team-building, (Square One Mall), Mississauga
Lululemon Athletica Team-building (Eaton's Centre), Toronto
Hillside Festival, Guelph, (Drum circle playshop)
Nuit Blanche, Toronto (Drum circle)
Audience Communication and Events, Toronto
Bloor West Fest
Taste of Lawrence Festival
Sphere Entertainment, Toronto
BOOM Marketing
York University, Teacher Training, Toronto
Readers Digest Association Staff Picnic
LOFT Community Services, John Gibson House, Adults with Special Needs Drumming Program
LOFT Community Services Professional Development Day, Toronto
Robertson House Shelter Weekly Mother and Child drumming program, Toronto
South Riverdale Community  Health Centre Earth Day Celebration
Black History Month, John Gibson House, Toronto
Buddha Groove 11-11-11, Toronto
Thornecliffe Park Public School, Toronto
Shaughnessy Public School, Toronto
Montessori School of Wellington, Guelph, Ontario
Delisle Youth Services, Toronto 

Cultura Festival, Mel Lastman Square, Toronto
Bloorcourt Festival, Toronto
Mothercraft Early Years Centre 10th Anniversary, Toronto
College View Supportive Housing Services, Toronto  
Friends of Greenwood Park Fall Festival, Toronto
Young People's Theatre Fundraiser Body Percussion Playshop, Toronto
Fleur-De-Lys Pathfinder and Adventurer Club
Kirabo Canada, Toronto
93rd St. George's Cub Scout Group, Toronto
Bracebridge Villa Retirement Lodge, Bracebridge
Bohemian Cafe, Bracebridge
Sunshine Senior's Centre, Wards Island, Toronto  
2012: Gateway to Your Future Conference, University of Toronto, Toronto
Pauline Jr. Public School, 6 week program creating music performed at their Spring Concert
Pauline Jr. Public School Assembly
Brown Public School 8 week program
World Playground Project Fundraiser, Toronto
The Society – Supper Salon: Diego Felix, Toronto
Private Lessons
Many, Many Birthday Parties!


Drummers in Exile Freestyle Drum & Dance Circle: freestyle drummer 2002-2010
Arthur Hull Drum Circle Facilitator Training Playshop (Host and Participant)
Arthur Hull Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop (Host and Participant)
Drummers in Exile Freestyle Drum & Dance and Trinity-Bellwoods Park Drum & Poi Circle: main coordinator 2005- 2010
Nuit Blanche Toronto 2007-09, 2011
San Alejo Drum Circle, Medellin, Colombia 2011
Samba Elegua, shaker, caixa, djembe 2006-2009
Tribal Dance Trance 2005-2006
NHK Taiko Drumming Club (Komagane Japan) 2001-2002
Djembryo (Percussion Dance Fusion) 2009

The Yoga Sanctuary, Prana Yoga
Punk Rock Yoga
Tula Hot Yoga & Spa
Yogatherapy Dream Yoga
The Society – Yogart: I
Tribal Dance Trance


Hons. BA Theatre and Dramatic Arts, University of Waterloo
Graduate George Brown Theatre School
Garden Brothers School of Circus Arts
Children's Clown
Event Coordinator
Singer Songwriter

Sunday, October 23, 2022


Interested in hiring Ripple Rhythm for an event, class or concert? Please provide us with the following information, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!
  1. Contact’s Full Name, e-mail & phone number(s)
  2. Name of Organization
  3. Date and Location of the Event
  4. Type of Event
  5. Estimated Number of Attendees
  6. Estimated Number of Participants
  7. Estimated Age of participants
  8. Estimated length of time of the rhythm-based program/performance

What would you like to include in your program?
  • Basic Djembe Technique
  • Drum Circle 101
  • Body Percussion
  • Vocal Improvisation
  • Laughter session
  • Performance
  • Group or Private Lessons
Prices are all inclusive (drums, travel expenses, set up and pack up time) and depend on the type of program, the number of participants and travel time.  We look forward to playing with you!
Contact us at ripplerhythm@gmail.com or call Tim Gentle 647 709 7437

Saturday, October 22, 2022


Parent/Child Hand Drum Playshop Series

4 Week Series with Tim Gentle (Ripple Rhythm)

Spun Studio 957 Bloor St. West, Toronto 

Sundays June 9, 16, 23, 30th

Parent & Tot (Ages 1-3): 12-12:45pm

Parent & Early School Age(Ages 4-7): 1-1:45pm

A fun, hands-on series exploring rhythm and music through games, songs, movement and other activities for you to do with your young child. Come play, nurture their passion for music and make some magical musical memories together.

Drums provided, BYOD

$60 Parent+Child ($7.50/participant/class) Drop-ins $20 (Parent+Child)

Space is Limited

Register to Reserve: RippleRhythm@gmail.com

Or visit Spun Studio in person

Proceeds help Sistering.org

Friday, October 21, 2022


Meditation is an ancient and powerful practical tool for calming the mind, embracing the present moment and gaining valuable insights into the nature of the mind itself.

Meditation also offers general health and mental/emotional benefits, including:

  • lower blood pressure

  • reduced stress

  • better sleep

  • improved emotional regulation

  • increased focus

  • enhanced mood

  • reduced aggression

  • greater adaptability

  • healthier aging process

  • a greater sense of empathy and connection with others

After attending his first 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat in 2010, Tim knew that he had found a valuable missing ingredient in his life. The retreat was at times very challenging, but the results were undeniably positive. He felt lighter, wiser, more present and peaceful, more grateful and more equipped to navigate the ups and downs of life than he ever had before.

Over the next 10 years, Tim returned for 4 more 10 day retreats, and each time deepening his understanding of the practice and the philosophy behind it. As a result, Tim ended his relationship with alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, and began meditating daily as an ongoing practice of “mental hygiene”.

Later in 2019, he gravitated to Sam Harris’ book and the meditation app “Waking Up”, and has been practicing and studying open awareness mindfulness meditation daily ever since.

During that same year, Tim was a primary caregiver for his father at the end of his journey with Mylodysplastic Syndrome (a type of blood cancer). When his father was suffering from a persistent cough that prevented him from sleeping, Tim guided him through various meditation techniques that helped him relax and foster a sense of peace and gratitude.

Inspired by this experiences with his father, Tim completed the Contemplative End of Life Care Program at the ITM (Institute of Traditional Medicine) in August, 2022. 

He has since sought out opportunities to apply his knowledge of meditation to the needs of hospice clients, their caregivers and hospice staff in the hopes of giving them additional tools for alleviating suffering though difficult times.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022



Communal drumming has been clinically proven to provide a wide range of health benefits and therapeutic applications for people of all ages with physical or mental challenges, or for healthy people who want to stay that way.

Tim has the personality to work with seniors and not many have that! The fact that he had all the residents involved and engaged was a great thing, and to see so many of them really enjoy it. It was awesome. I’d love to have him back!
- Therapeutic Drumming Participant

It was fantastic how Tim interacted with the residents and family members who attended. I could tell they were having a great by their smiles and how they would sing along. It was evident the profound impact of music as a therapeutic tool. I personally even enjoyed being a part of the circle.” 
Jenna Recreation Assistant The Westbury Long Term Care

Ripple Rhythm’s group drumming programs are ideal for:
  • Active Older Adults
  • People With Special Needs
  • Support Groups
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • At Risk Youth Programs
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Mental Health Organizations
  • Social Services
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices 

Working with Tim has been an absolute pleasure. His knowledge of drumming and its various therapeutic uses was extensive, accessible and engaging. His ability to inspire and educate others in a playful, understandable way was ideal for our staff and volunteers. We are very excited to be able to move forward with our drumming program because of Tim’s guidance, enthusiasm and passion for compassionate communities.
- Pamela Blackwood, Executive Director, McNally House Hospice

Through our programs you can:

  • Provide aerobic activity
  • Reduce stress and improve your state of mind
  • Heighten focus and concentration
  • Foster positive social interaction and build community
  • Increases the number of Natural Killer cells that fight cancer, and viruses, naturally boosting the immune system
  • Help relieve chronic pain
  • Increase mobility and coordination
  • Create a safe, supportive outlet for self-expression, self-esteem, empowerment and personal development.
Whatever your needs are, we'll design the right program for you.

We have had Tim Gentle in the past for drum therapy for the residents.  It was a really good activity, very positive outcome with the residents.

-Cathy Inkster-Tarrant, Activities Coordinator, John Gibson House


What a fantastic day... You ran a well-organized and engaging workshop. ALL my students raved about it - from my high academic achievers to my special education students. We'll do this again next year.
- Jackie Mitchell, Music Teacher, Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes Secondary School

Tim: I must say that I've never seen a bunch of grade 3 kids as into something as I saw them into performing with you on stage!! Thanks SO much for being a ridiculously awesome individual 
- Jonathan Bright, Public School Program Coordinator 

Rhythm is an incredibly popular, effective and accessible fun-based learning tool for students of all ages and abilities. From Kindergarden to Colleges, our programs will:

  • Improve concentration and listening skills
  • Inspire confidence, self-esteem & self-expression
  • Develop sense of timing, beat & rhythm and musical awareness
  • Engage students in visual, auditory and kinesthetic (VAK) learning
  • Encourage co-operation, positive group dynamics and shared leadership
  • Trick students into learning mathematical patterns… Shhhh!
  • Learn about world history and culture
  • Reveal rhythm as a universal language - perfect for culturally diverse schools
  • Provide a healthy outlet for stress – drums are one of the few things you’re allowed to hit! 
We can use any combination of djembe drums, percussion instruments and nearby materials, or we can teach you how to use the world’s handiest instrument – your very own body!

We can do 2-5 playshops in a half or whole school day for different grades, and we also design a programs that span several weeks, including lunch and learn or after school clubs, often culminating in the creation of original pieces of music or performances for their school or community.
We also offer fun, energizing and interactive assemblies or performances for the whole school – great for the first assembly back after a break, for cultural events (like Black History Month), or holiday recitals.
And, we do playshops for staff meetings and professional development to train teachers how to use rhythm as a teaching tool.
Whatever program you choose, it’s sure to be unique, fun and unforgettable experience that will bring your class, school and staff a little closer together!

Our children are aged 3 to 6, with the majority being 4 and under, and Tim handled them with a great deal of expertise. He had a flexible approach to working with our age span and tweaked his program to suit their needs. Some of our very reserved children responded to the drums with an enthusiasm that we hadn’t previously seen in them.

The drums broke down barriers and allowed our children to express themselves freely. It was a wonderfully therapeutic and enriching experience for all of us.

We would recommend Tim’s program for any age group.
Glynis Hamilton, Administrator
Montessori School of Wellington

Contact us at ripplerhythm@gmail.com or Call Tim Gentle at 647 709 7437