Tuesday, November 1, 2022


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In virtually every culture throughout history, drums have been used to forge bonds between friends and strangers, simply because they resonate on a fundamentally human level, breaking through barriers of age, gender, race, cultural background or personal hang-ups.

Now, in a time when our sense of connection and community is increasingly being replaced by circuits and screens, hand-drumming is making a serious comeback!
Ripple Rhythm is thrilled to be a part of this rhythmic resurgence, and is dedicated to spreading the transformative joys of group freestyle percussion to all kinds of people through fun, interactive rhythm-based programs, performances, lessons and more.
Whether it’s for company team-building, school programs or assemblies, community groups, condos well-being, parties, or purely for funRipple Rhythm is flexible enough to meet your needs, small or large. 

There Are No Rules!

Drum Circle 101 Playshop Graduates
Ripple Rhythm specializes in Group Freestyle Drumming (also known
as drum circle drumming) - a style that encourages people to explore, combine and express their own unique musical backgrounds.

It’s extremely accessible, dynamic and fun, and not restricted to any one genre, tradition, instrument or technique.

What sounds right, IS right.

Feeling freer, funner, healthier, and more connected – to the people around you and to the heartbeat of the world – that’s what Ripple Rhythm wants to share with you.

647 709 7437 or RippleRhythm@gmail.com
I just wanted to send along a HUGE thank you for the drumming circle class that was held tonight. The teacher was absolutely amazing… he is a natural born teacher.  I am a teacher consultant with the Toronto District school board and I teach teachers...so I really wanted to send my kudos along to him...it was awesome and I want to hear about it if it is ever happening again!!!
Thanks again,

-Joanne Sleightholm

One of the reasons that Toronto has such a strong rhythmaculture community is because of Tim Gentle's support, encouragement and his abilities to coordinate across diverse cultures and populations.

Tim shares his spirit with an open heart and shares his passion for rhythm in such a way as to make it fun and accessible to any one who comes within the sound of his drum circles.

-Arthur Hull
(father of the modern day community drum circle movement)
The drum circle was great fun! You are very inspiring!

I thoroughly enjoyed your drum workshop. You did a terrific job of finding fun ways of zipping and zapping through our initial social shyness and fears. Your particular brand of theatricality in the role of leader worked as a catalyst and helped to inspire us to break out of our own mental straitjackets.
I appreciate the generosity of spirit that went into making this event accessible for those of us in need of this healing gift.  
-Marta Owen

You are kinduv fantastic. Tonight was awesome. I went to drum circle just for fun... And it turned out to be the most healing experience. People like you are what make the city, and society in general, more real. More livable. More free.