Friday, December 9, 2011

WD4D Collective, Project 1: 3 Minute YouTube Set Posted By February 20th

Hey! So, great news, we are currently a fellowship of around a dozen experienced, multi-talented, multi-intstrumentalists, keen on trying to make time for focused, percussion-based projects!

We are: Tim, Billy, Jean Marc, Andy, Joel, Rahul, Kevin, Steve, Cavan, Kenneth and Rufus. Again, this list is going to shrink and grow based on availability.

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the survey, it really is an impressive assembly of people. I've made a Google Map that pinpoints our nearest intersections and contains a poorly formatted listing of everyone's survey results. Due to the amount of private data, the map is set as private so I'll only be sharing the link via personal email.

So let's jump in and get our feet wet! The first project for the collective is to coordinate, rehearse and video a 3 minute acoustic percussion set and post it to YouTube video by Friday February 20th.

Again,  here's an example of a simple 3 minute video 4 of us did as a demo for Jameson's Whiskey. We met once for about an hour or two to decided on what elements we wanted to use and in what order, took it home with us and met a few days later and it took us maybe 15 times to video it before we were sure we had a solid take.

Sets should be composed of dynamics in rhythm, tempo, volume and timbre, as well as showcase cooperation, creativity and improvisation - anything guaranteed to make a crowd smile, sing, laugh and most importantly, DRIVE DANCERS ON THE DANCE FLOOR CRAZY. 

Actually, I'm looking into finding at least at couple experienced freestyle/drum circle dancers to join the collective as symbiotic partners.

Based mostly on people's weekly availability, there will be two groups for this project - that would have to meet on either a Monday or Thursday evening to rehearse and film the video.

MONDAY February 16th: Billy, Andy, Steve, Tim, Rufus.
THURSDAY February 19th: Kevin, Joel, Rahul, Kenneth, JeanMarc.

Please let me know ASAP at or text 647 709 7437 to confirm in case we need to do some juggling. Cavan, Rick and Dave Reid and others are possible extras or subs.

Each group has to more or less coordinate itself. That means making sure the following rolls are filled: Crew Chief, Contact Coordinator, Sound Coordinator, Video Coordinator, Editing/Posting Coordinator, Rehearsal/Filming Space Coordinator. And whatever else comes up...