Wednesday, October 12, 2022


What a fantastic day... You ran a well-organized and engaging workshop. ALL my students raved about it - from my high academic achievers to my special education students. We'll do this again next year.
- Jackie Mitchell, Music Teacher, Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes Secondary School

Tim: I must say that I've never seen a bunch of grade 3 kids as into something as I saw them into performing with you on stage!! Thanks SO much for being a ridiculously awesome individual 
- Jonathan Bright, Public School Program Coordinator 

Rhythm is an incredibly popular, effective and accessible fun-based learning tool for students of all ages and abilities. From Kindergarden to Colleges, our programs will:

  • Improve concentration and listening skills
  • Inspire confidence, self-esteem & self-expression
  • Develop sense of timing, beat & rhythm and musical awareness
  • Engage students in visual, auditory and kinesthetic (VAK) learning
  • Encourage co-operation, positive group dynamics and shared leadership
  • Trick students into learning mathematical patterns… Shhhh!
  • Learn about world history and culture
  • Reveal rhythm as a universal language - perfect for culturally diverse schools
  • Provide a healthy outlet for stress – drums are one of the few things you’re allowed to hit! 
We can use any combination of djembe drums, percussion instruments and nearby materials, or we can teach you how to use the world’s handiest instrument – your very own body!

We can do 2-5 playshops in a half or whole school day for different grades, and we also design a programs that span several weeks, including lunch and learn or after school clubs, often culminating in the creation of original pieces of music or performances for their school or community.
We also offer fun, energizing and interactive assemblies or performances for the whole school – great for the first assembly back after a break, for cultural events (like Black History Month), or holiday recitals.
And, we do playshops for staff meetings and professional development to train teachers how to use rhythm as a teaching tool.
Whatever program you choose, it’s sure to be unique, fun and unforgettable experience that will bring your class, school and staff a little closer together!

Our children are aged 3 to 6, with the majority being 4 and under, and Tim handled them with a great deal of expertise. He had a flexible approach to working with our age span and tweaked his program to suit their needs. Some of our very reserved children responded to the drums with an enthusiasm that we hadn’t previously seen in them.

The drums broke down barriers and allowed our children to express themselves freely. It was a wonderfully therapeutic and enriching experience for all of us.

We would recommend Tim’s program for any age group.
Glynis Hamilton, Administrator
Montessori School of Wellington

Contact us at or Call Tim Gentle at 647 709 7437