Monday, August 22, 2011



Thank you for coming to Lulu last night - what an amazing, amazing evening, everyone was so blissed out after you left! ...Thanks again for making our team smile and play and dance the night away! Namaste,

-Ashley, Lululemon, Queen & Spadina, Toronto 

A group of coworkers playing music together is one of the clearest and simplest metaphors for a healthy team dynamic. It fosters cooperation, effective communication, creativity and flexibility, and most of all, it cultivates an appreciation for how different individual roles combine to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Group drumming is an amazing way to shake things up at the office. It energizes, motivates and bonds the participants, relieves stress, dissolves conflicts, reduces employee burn-out, increases focus, and gets people thinking outside the box. It’s unique, it’s hip, and it’s a ton of fun!
We offer playshops with any combination of djembe drums, percussion instruments and nearby materials, or we can show you how to use the world’s handiest instrument – your very own body!

Everyone had a wonderful time, we got a lot of compliments on the workshop.
-Angela, Reader's Digest, Toronto Island Staff Picnic

A happy staff is good for business!  Check out our services and let’s design a program that specifically fits your company’s needs.
Team-building playshops: Any size, anywhere. Bring your team closer together, and have fun doing it!
Meeting Energizer: whether it’s before or during a meeting, we offer Icebreakers, rhythm games and team-building exercises to get people in the right frame of mind for a meeting.

Staff parties or picnics: Celebrate together by playing rhythm games and learning how to make your own original music!
Lunch Break Beats: set up a weekly space for people at your location to refresh their mind, body and spirit during their lunch break, learn and practice some rhythms, play together, dance and have some fun.
Performance: Drum up some business with a drummer or two on location. How about something a little different for your storefront, restaurant patio, foyer or green space, or at a trade show, conference or street festival?

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